What our Customers say...


Great job! Well done! I am pleased with your service. Richard and Cedric did a fantastic job. They are very courteous and kind. Job well done!

When disaster strikes, tenants get upset and fearful. A major tenant who houses within 20,500 sf was affected by thick smoke after a fire erupted on the premises. Within a very short time, SERVPRO representative John Stalsworth was on site to assess the damages and soon had the necessary equipment delivered to the building.

The tenant was able to keep operations going and lost no productivity. John’s knowledge and professionalism saved the day! To have an emergency as this happen and end up with a happy tenant through the troubled times and after is amazing. The process from start to finish was seamless. I highly recommend SERVPRO as your go to contact for disaster.

My husband and I would like to thank the SERVPRO of Park Cities team for their care and concern as we maneuvered through a horrible situation. The Atlas moving truck carrying 30,000+ pounds, and 25 years of our marriage, caught on fire during transport. SERVPRO of Park Cities received our damaged goods and helped us deal with what we considered a horrific
situation. We are so grateful for the kindness they showed, and in helping us determine what was worth salvaging and not, based on their experience. The most recent shipment I received back were some of my Christmas ornaments. Having a little bit of normal back in my life has helped ease the pain. Vanessa and her team treated us with kindness and respect which we will forever be appreciative of.

I found SERVPRO to be an excellent company when we discovered some recent water damage and needed some mold remediation.  They were very thorough and efficient in their work, and they kept me informed of what they were doing and the progress of the project. Shannon was great to work with and I would strongly recommend him and his company.

Great service

Incredible customer service, something you don't see much of these days. I was so very pleased with this company, I only wish I got these results from other service providers.

SERVPRO were professional, timely, and met all our expectations. I have been involved with 8 church projects for construction, repair, and cleanup. SERVPRO was the best. 

Ada was very professional and problem solving to be sure I was satisfied with the services. Drew and Ada did an awesome job. Ada and Drew went above and beyond to make sure my items were clean even to make sure everything was satisfactory. 

Everything was done very professionally. 

Cindi, Chris, and Nate were all very accommodating and very professional. I appreciated their attention to detail for this situation. 

Shannon and his team were beyond excellent! He helped me so much with this situation. 

Team was awesome. Friendly and detailed. 

Great customer experience. 

I appreciated how quickly SERVPRO came out to help us. Our claim rep was happy we were able to use you guys and the insurance company did no need to send anyone else out to the house to make sure everything was done correctly. 

The guys did a great job. They completed the duct cleaning timely and with no mess. Thank you!

Although the project went over the time frame, it was very successful overall. SERVPRO did an excellent job with demolition and cleanup. Management was professional and very attentive to the needs of the job. This was a large job and was completed with great great satisfaction. 

Polite and good workers. Very satisfied. 

The guys were great and even followed up to check on the textile goods. Thank you.

SERVPRO staff did an outstanding job, very knowledgeable and very courteous. Great job!

I was devastated by the fire at our home. From the first meeting the crew made me feel at ease. 

Wonderful personality - professional and competent

The remediation tech was knowledgeable regarding the required service. He was thorough in answering the questions that I had. His manager was providing support and was concerned with providing correct information regarding my concerns. 

Fast service, very polite and cleaned up very nice when we was cleaning up. 

We received very good service and our possessions were carefully cared for. They stayed with us until we could feel comfortable to complete the fine points of completion. Thank you for coming to help. 

The guys were so polite and well mannered. They answered all the questions I had concerning my damage. It would recommend them to anyone who is having water damage problems. 

If I have any more water problems, I want Anthony and Hector again. 

Everything was great!

Was fast and polite, did a great job cleaning carpet. 

Garrett did a very good job. We truly appreciate that. 

Although I was frustrated with what happened and the damaged caused by water, I am relieved that SERVPRO came out to start clean up and restoration process. 

A brave employee to handle this job - it was a very tough situation. 

They performed the services and were very professional on a high level. 

J.C. went over and above by re-doing a section of the Church because offices were not satisfied with initial results. Greatly appreciate it. Good work. 

He followed directions and did exactly what I asked. I'm very happy with my results. 

Wonderful job of packing and moving. Very courteous and pleasant to work with. 

All did a good job, extra effort made in cleaning outside sidewalk! Great!!

The guys were very attentive to details and expedited in their response to requests!

I would have to say that I am most satisfied with the promptness of service, and meeting with me to get the claim resolved as quickly as possible. 

Very polite and efficient. Very satisfied. 

We had a major leak  in our home due in November.  The timing could not have been worse as we had just lost our grandchildren after our daughter went into early labor.  We generally handle these setbacks as just a mild frustration but due to our loss, everything was amplified.
However, your team jumped into action and took care of everything with such professionalism.  If I had my own company, I would want it run like yours.  You responded right away and I was kept informed every step of the way what would need to happen.  From the beginning of the job until all the furniture was brought back into the house, pictures hung, knick knacks replaced, your team assigned to us could not have been more pleasant and accommodating.  This is what will set you apart from other companies ~ your availability and desire to take care of the customer with your "can do, will do" attitude.  They were a delight to work with.  When I needed a general question answered all I had to do was call John Stalworth who led the project and he took care of me.
Those that I would like to mention as superior to making this all happen other than John are Drew, Richard, Cedrick, Anthony, Gale, Mindi, Tyler and Oscar.  You guys rock!

Anthony and Oscar were fantastic. Quick, courteous and professional.

I have called SERVPRO of Park Cities for a variety of cleanings at our high rise residencies. From emergency water cleanup to air duct and carpet cleanings their office sets the standards for customer care and professionalism. Our residents require the best and feel the SERVPRO of Park Cities provides that quality of service. I would highly recommend them for any emergency cleanup or general cleaning that may arise. 

I have utilized the restoration and mitigation services of SERVPRO of Park Cities for several years. I would highly recommend them for any emergency cleanup whether it be from water, smoke or fire. Their response and communication is the best in the business. Our clients are demanding and we are comfortable that SERVPRO of Park Cities will take best care of them in a crisis.

Everything was perfectly done. A well job done. Met my expectations, very professional and curious. 

If I'm ever in a disaster (fire, storm, etc.) I would love for SERVPRO to help me...Their people are outstanding and just awesome!

Richard did a great job on my mother's sofa. There were SERIOUS stains that had turned bluish/black. Richard was able to make the sofa look like new, I already called my sister and told her how amazing mother's sofa looked after it was cleaned!

I never got around to expressing how satisfied and pleased my wife and I were with the care, professionalism, and attention to detail we experienced with SERVPRO of Park Cities.Our home was set on fire when the neighbor's house caught fire. Never having suffered any kind of loss before, the experience was completely new and alien to us.The SERVPRO staff helped us come to terms with our loss and the cleanup. I would recommend SERVPRO Park Cities to anyone needing emergency services.

A couple of months ago we learned that our insurance company (Farmers) was going to pay to replace a portion of our downstairs floor.

All of the staff we've worked with has been very professional and courteous. I would definitely recommend SERVPRO!

The professionals from SERVPRO were very thorough, answered all questions that I had. Very knowledgeable of the restoration process, and took the time to also explain and give great detail about what to expect.

Very polite employees! :) Great Service!!

Heather and her SERVPRO crew did a very efficient, professional job of packing the entire downstairs of my house. Heather kept me informed of all that she was doing and answered all my questions. I was very satisfied with your company's work during this disaster.

We received very good service and our possessions were carefully cared for. They stayed with us until we could feel comfortable to complete the finer points of completion. Thank you for coming so far to help.

The workers explained everything and have a great attitude. Excellent company!

Staff was very prompt, courteous and friendly. They made us feel very comfortable and did not rush us for any decisions. Am looking forward to having them complete this gig.

The guys were so polite and well mannered. They answered all the questions I had concerning my damages. I would recommend them to anyone who is having water damage problems.

Wonderful job! First time with packers who did not break anything. Good work. And quick - thought it would take all day - pleasantly surprised. Did I mention they were here on a holiday? Our sincerest thanks!