Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Hurricane Harvey Flood Damage

It is estimated that Hurricane Harvey damaged over 200,000 homes. When a house has been flooded there are several steps a restoration team must take in order to get the home clean and dry again. This includes removing the soaked portions of the wall, and then using air movers and dehumidifiers to remove any remaining moisture. 

Hurricane Harvey

Here is a picture of a job in the middle of the restoration process. The wet walls have been removed, but the area has not yet had the dehumidifiers and air movers added to reduce the moisture. 

Hail storm damage

A severe hail storm caused significant water damage to this kitchen ceiling.

Due to the extent of the damage the ceiling had to be removed.

Hail storm damage

After picture when the ceiling had been removed and the studs dried.

What storm events have we been part of?

We don’t help only storm events in Texas. We will go anywhere in the country to help out at storm events. SERVPRO was at the Florida storms, Detroit floods, Chicago floods, Sugarland storms, and Oklahoma storms. Where we are needed, we go.

Storm Equipment

We don’t only use air movers and dehumidifiers when working a storm event. We use larger equipment to move forward more quickly and have everything to normal status faster. Our franchise has access to desiccants, portables and dragons. Extracting and drying in a larger scale made easier.

Faster to Any Size Disaster

When there is a storm, like the Detroit Floods in 2014, we call to all the storm teams available in the country to come help. Our franchise has a storm team in place and we were called out to help in Detroit. Our process included demoing, setting air movers and pack outs.

Called from out of state

There was the Great Flood of 2014 that hit Detroit. Our franchise has a storm team set up and we were called to help out in Detroit, Michigan. Basements and homes were flooded with a record high rainfall, 6 inches in 12 hours.