Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water in the Conference Room

Our experts were able to quickly begin the drying process in order to get this water damaged conference room back to normal as soon as possible. Check out our Before/After photos to see the end result. 

Glossy Floors

You see how the light reflects perfectly onto the floors, like if it was a mirror? The floors are covered in standing water. Look at our Before and After pictures to see the after photo of this water loss. 

The smallest things can cause big messes

It can be a simple, small pipe behind the toilet to cause a disaster. This small pipe busted behind the wall. Cut out was needed to fix the pipe. We set air movers and dehumidifier to dry behind the wall and create a hot environment to dry in our set time of 3-4 days.

Master Disaster

This master bedroom was under water by the entrance. We tried drying the wood floors in their place but sometimes they are so saturated that removing them to dry the slab was needed. We then bring a contractor to replace all or an area of the floors. We make it look “Like it never even happened.”

Water in the Wine Cellar

There are pros and cons to having a basement or underground wine cellar. Pros: have protections and more storage space. Cons: if a pipe was to burst down there, you will have a new pool. That happened to a family in Dallas. We extracted all the water in their wine cellar and demoed wet drywall. We will put you on your way to make it look “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage - Flood

We received a call about flooding in a basement. Our team of highly trained professionals came in, set up the proper equipment, and did what we do best: make is seem like it never even happened. See our Before and After tab for the results.